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Competitions is a very good way to measure progress in skill of twirling achievment for athletes of all ages and ability

Athletes from the Rivieratwirlstars activily encouraged take part in competitions across the country, we offer additional training support for these events as well as organising trips to competition venues several times a year.

We also ensure our corps has the correct uniform and equipment and offer every encouragement to enjoy the competitions and fullfill there potential.

Corps Competition results can be found on our results page

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BBTF - Membership is £12.00 per year payable every July.

BBTF - Nationals Competition = This is usually held around Whitsun over a 3 days in Southampton.
They also have 2  more competitions throughout the year, One of them being in Devon.


Full Timetable for BBTF 2019

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BBTF Winters Competition Results - Jan - Southampton 2014

Athletes from RTS take part in BBTF comp in Southmapton



BBTF Autumn Contest - Dawlish Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th October  2013

Athletes from RTS take part in  comp in Dawlish

We took 15 members of the corps to IBTA winters competition on November 23rd & 24th
and came away with 14 Individual awards and 2 participation awards.


BBTF Nationals 2013 at Applemore - Southampton

30th May 2013

The BBTF Nationals were held over 2 days in Southampton with athletes competing in individual and team events. A fantastic acheivement from the girls as we came away with 51 individual awards and 8 team awards.



IBTA NATIONALS 2013 at Littledown Bournemouth


Again this year we went to IBTA Bournemouth for the competition over 4 days at Easter. Our athlete's competed for individual and team events. At the end of the competition we came away with 49 individual awards and 4 team awards and Nicky Howes winning Teacher of the year




IBTA Nationals 2012 @Bouremouth



This year we competed at the IBTA Nationals over 4 days taking part in individuals and team events.
We come back with numerous awards including Nicky Howes winning 2 Baton Champ and Parade Strut Champ 2012.





Twirlstars march to national win!



GIRLS from the Riviera Twirlstars have marched to success with almost 70 awards from a national championships.

The Torbay-based group took part in the International Baton Twirling Association National Championships 2011 and won 68 individual awards. They also achieved two first places and two third places in team competitions.

The group also scooped an impressive 36 individual awards and achieved two team first places in the Spencerettes Open.

"The Riviera Twirlstars" are still busy with the start of the summer season which includes displays and carnivals within the area.

"In the almost two years since the Riviera Twirlstars were set up the improvement in the girls twirling abilities and performances have strongly improved, which has been shown in their achievements.

"It is also very enjoyable to see the very first time twirlers having a go and enjoying what they are doing and achieving rewards with a huge smile on their faces."

If you interested in having a go or would like to come along to a training session to watch or if you would like the girls to attend your display or fete etc, then please contact Lilian Yeoman on 07899 757730 or Nicky Howes on 07976 898841 for more details.



23 medal haul from competition for Riviera Twirlstars



The Riviera Twirlstars came away with 23 medals and a first and third place for team events from the International Baton Twirling Association International Championships in Bournemouth.

Corps director of the Riviera Twirlstars, Lilian Yeoman, told the Herald Express: "They did tremendously well. They have been in competitions before as members of other groups but this was their first time with us.

"We are delighted with them and they are very pleased with themselves."


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