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Thank you for your interest in registering to use our secure pages on www.rivieratwirlstars.co.uk

By using this site you agree that all the conditions set out here will be adhered to at all times.

Your username and password gives you authorised access and is unique to you. It is not be shared with anyone within or outside rivieratwirlstars.

All content from the secure section of the our website is to assist parents, carers and the training team. It gives you access to information regarding training, special instruction about planned event’s, time’s and other important information that you will need, as such this information is deemed as private club information for the sole use to its members only.

Any unauthorised copying or publishing of any information from within the website’s pages will breach the terms and conditions of use. This includes any member’s names images or private personal information copied from our website pages and being copied and or published to other website or social media platform’s, social media medium, or app’s will not be accepted in any way.

This will be classed as unauthorised data transference, not only does this breech our website terms of use, it could lead to criminal charges or prosecution on ground of data theft from our servers.

It is reasonable to say that we have taken all steps we can to secure our web pages and data in this way by making it available to you securely and by using a username’s password’s and data encryption within its pages.

Failure to adhere to the trems and conditions will be breach of club conduct and the website secure facility will be removed to those users without any prior notification.


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