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How do I join Riviera Twirlstars?
Contact us through our contact page for more details.


How much do is cost to be a member?
Annual membership is £12. IBTA insurance is £20 a year. BBTF insurance is £12.00 a year.
We try to keep costs down as much as possible but it is necessary for our athletes to pay a small annual membership and to have insurance.


Do I need any special equipment?
To start with, no. On our training page we detail the simple clothes you will need for each session. For events and competitions you will need a uniform - part of which we can provide. When you need to buy items such as tights, batons and shoes we can help by ordering them at preferential rates from our chosen suppliers.


Do I have to take part in events and competitions?
No. You are free to just have fun at the training sessions. You can take part in as many events and competitions as you choose.


Where can I see the Riviera Twirlstars perform?
Check our events page for details of carnivals, parades and other events.


Can I book the Riviera Twirlstars to appear at my event?
Contact us through our contact page for details.


My username and password for my login does not work?
Contact website support through our contact page for help to resolve this.


How can I find out what the dates are and where competitions are held to?
You can find the up to date information on our competition page and where on our venve page follow the link on the left hand side.


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